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Sonic Kids Electric Toothbrush

Sonic Kids Electric Toothbrush

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Transform your child's brushing routine into a fun and effective experience with the Sonic Kids Electric Toothbrush 🪥

✅ Perfect for children aged 2-6!

✅Gentle Sonic Vibrations: Provide effective cleaning while being gentle on young gums and teeth.

✅Soft Bristles: Ensure a comfortable and safe brushing experience for sensitive mouths.

✅Easy-to-Grip Handle: Perfectly sized for small hands, promoting proper brushing technique and independence.

Multiple Brushing Modes

✅MODE 1: White LED and Motor working for a thorough clean.

✅MODE 2: Colorful LED and Motor working to make brushing fun.

✅MODE 3: Motor working for a quieter brushing experience.

✅MODE 4: White LED working with a 2-minute auto-timer for effective cleaning.


2-Minute Auto-Timer

✅Ensures children brush for the dentist-recommended duration.

30-Second Interval Timer

✅Prompts kids to switch areas, ensuring comprehensive oral care.



IPX7 Waterproof

Safe to use in the shower, making it easy to incorporate into any routine

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